July 10th, 2019
As has been the case lately, significant and often severe weather patterns have become more the norm than an exception to the rule of what we consider normal. TS2, (TS Barry) a tropical system which formed rapidly in the shallow warm waters of the Northern Gulf basin is seen here, churning the waters where I am working. Luckily, I had just sailed out of the Apalachee Bay region (its current position - see Saint Marks Lighthouse) five days prior.
Sunset on the Canal
Bridge to Nowehere
Exploring the Bayous by Kayak
Pass Christian Harbor
Storms over the Mississippi Delta
A little foggy today
The old ferry dock at Bay St Louis
The Lamy Family
the Rigolets at Fort McComb
Storms and Boats, the struggle is real.
Bay St Louis
Lots of severe weather this year.
MacBe Seafood & Cafe: 13029 Hwy 603 Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520
50th Annual New Orleans Jazz Fest: Jimmy Buffet
Oyster Dredge
Oyster Sampling
West into Lake Borgne
Squalls out on the Gulf Stream
Mary Mahoney's Old French House, Biloxi, MS
Mufellatta Sandwich: Central Grocery, New Orleans
Shrimp Tacos: Cuz's Seafood Bay St Louis
Cast Net
Below Decks
Live, Local, Beachfront: Bouy's Bay St Louis
Matrice M600 UAS

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