The Honey Island Swamp, also known as Marais de l’Île-de-Miel in French, is a wetland in the eastern part of Louisiana's St. Tammany Parish. The name "Honey Island" originates from the presence of honeybees on a nearby island. This marshland is bordered by U.S. 11 to the north, Lake Borgne to the south, the Pearl River to the east, and the West Pearl River to the west.
It stands out as one of the least disturbed river swamps in the United States. Widely regarded as one of the most untouched swamp habitats in the country, the Honey Island Swamp spans a length of more than 20 miles (30 km) and a width of nearly 7 miles (10 km). Approximately 34,896 acres (280 km²) of its total 70,000 acres (280 km²) have been officially designated as a protected wildlife area. The swamp provides a home for various animals, including alligators, raccoons, owls, wild boars, nutria, snakes, turtles, bald eagles, and black bears.

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