Following the War of 1812, the U.S. Government began the planning for  construction of a system of  fortifications  to be used as coastal defense. Because of the Island’s natural deep-water harbor and its location along a major shipping route, Ship Island was essential to the protection of both New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The island was listed as a U.S.  Military Reservation in 1847, and authorization was given to begin construction of a fortification 8-9 years later.
The funding was appropriated for construction in 1857, which included a budget of $100,000 dollars to build a fortification on the Island.
The fort’s design provides nearly 360-degree view of the surrounding water and land approaches. The large casemates were designed to hold numerous cannon below while supporting a second upper tier of larger 15 inch guns as pictured below. Arches along the east side of the fort served as shelter, magazines and kitchen for the fort's garrison. 

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Unknown. (1862) View of Ship Island, Louisiana. Harpers Weekly.

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