The St. Marks Light is the second-oldest Lighthouse in Florida. St Marks Light is located on the east side of the entrance to the St. Marks River, on Apalachee Bay.
By the early 1800's, the town of St. Marks, Florida was considered an essential port of entry for shipping. The town served as the primary shipping port for the Central Florida plantations as well as some counties in South Georgia. Plantations transported their products to St. Marks via a small road which woul later become the state's first railroad. With the onset of The Civil War In 1865, Confederate troops were stationed near the Lighthouse. The tower's lighting apparatus was eventually removed by Confederate forces to prevent its use as a navigation aide to Union Naval operations in the area. The Tower was damaged during a battle which would lead to its rebuilding following the war.
When the Lighthouse was rebuilt, the tower height was increased to its present elevation of 82 feet above sea level, and the original fresnel apparatus was replaced.
According to the rangers present, "the Lighthouse was fully automated in 1960 and remains an active aid to navigation for vessels on  Apalachee Bay."
The original fresnel lens is intact and on display at the visitors center in the park.

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